We are pleased to announce the completion of our 16,000 square foot addition to our facility in Rockford, Illinois!
While the media was flooding the airwaves with news stories featuring American manufacturing slowing down, scaling back and shutting doors as a result of the 2009 recession, we decided to maintain a more positive outlook to the future. We withstood the worst and over the past year, we are moving more volume than we did before the recession. Our positive vision, coupled with our reputation and adaptability, justified a near 30% growth in capacity.
This growth grabbed the attention of industry leaders and analysts, paving the way for our company to be featured in the August 2012 publication of MODERN CASTING, the industry-specific monthly journal that recognizes outstanding achievements within national casting circles.
You can view the August issue by clicking here. The article featuring Olson Aluminum Castings is 5 pages and starts on page 20. You can also download the PDF here.
The increase in growth and capacity isn’t even half of the story. The great part is that we are now more flexible because of the type of casting we can handle as a result of the expansion. With the expansion, we added a complete nobake casting line. Nobake is an operation we’ve had prototyping experience with before in the past, but now we can legitimately claim that we are not only a knowledge source on the subject, but that we now have a specialty operating that line.
We had a choice on whether to expand our current green sand line to provide a much higher volume, but we opted for the method of diversifying our capabilities instead, which we feel is a much more worthwhile undertaking to offer customers additional solutions. Increasing output can be achieved by adding more shifts, which we plan to do in the future, and besides, we are already well-known and respected for being an industry leader in the green sand line.
Now it’s time to build on our nobake line. For more information about our green sand and nobake lines and capabilities, call us at 815-229-3292 or email us at [email protected]