About Us

Our foundry is an ISO 9001:2015 registered custom sand cast foundry, demonstrating our commitment to high industry standards in efficiency, operational controls and manufacturing processes.

We produce industrial grade, pressure tight and leak free castings with superior machining properties and surface finishes. We offer some of the shortest production lead times in our industry on a consistent basis.

We routinely excel in the following:

Our Commitment To Excellence and Quality Sets Us Apart.

Our foundry is large enough to bring substantial engineering and production support to the table, yet small enough to devote the individual attention our customers deserve and have come to expect of our program.

At Olson Aluminum Castings, you receive the benefit of our dedicated staff of professionals committed to excellence in the aluminum casting industry. We are driven by desire to pursue challenging casting projects requiring exceptional quality and value, rather than the size or volume of a project.

In today’s competitive environment, we will be a casting partner you can count on to provide successful cast products from design to finished product. Please continue to review our site for specific advantages you may expect as you search for a proven source for your casting requirements.
We provide customers with solutions to challenging casting requirements, prototype programs and casting engineering along with high quality, timely pattern start ups.

We serve a variety of industries including...

Olson Aluminum’s success with ever challenging product demands can help you make an educated decision as to whom you should entrust the success of your casting program.